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1/8/2009 07:30:37 am

How would I be able to buy a birdhouse. I have a shephards hook on the balcony and would like a birdhouse hand from it.
Let me know the size and prices. I like the ones with the heart on it.

teri breland
1/9/2009 01:26:34 am

cool stuff! can't wait to see more. will anyone be able to shop online site?

1/9/2009 09:56:06 pm

I like the webpage. Please add more pics and possibly examples of some prices like 2.99-15.99 and so on. Remember to attach a map to your location, it makes it easier than looking it up from the directions.

Ann James
1/10/2009 08:00:09 am

Very nice website. I wondered if you had another shop set up. I will have to come and visit.

7/15/2012 03:11:08 am

Good info bro

9/26/2012 07:37:56 am

Good article bro

6/30/2016 03:24:52 am

It is your home after all, and it should reflect your personality and your choices.


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